The Art of Life

Meet Billings’ new family service advisor, Stephanie

Every sunrise invites us to join its purpose, that is, to brighten someone’s day. Stephanie Anderson answers that call each morning by helping the families of Elkhart County prepare for the future. While pre-planning one’s funeral may not be the lightest matter, it is always a wise decision which Stephanie’s tender care makes easier.

Stephanie has known adversity throughout her life. Inflicted with rheumatoid arthritis from the age of two, she overcame the challenges of multiple surgeries and intense physical therapy to rise from her wheelchair and lead a healthy, happy life. Maybe a blessing has been disguised as an autoimmune disorder because her genuine empathy for others is a gift. She listens. She wants to learn more about the people she serves. She connects and builds real friendships. She strives to eliminate everyone’s burdens.

After graduating from Columbia College Chicago where she studied journalism, Stephanie worked as an insurance agent before joining our family at Billings Funeral Home. They say what happens to us doesn’t matter compared to what we do with what happens to us. If so, Stephanie is making the most of everything she has learned and experienced, using it all to help our community.

Stephanie is passionate about her family: Justin, her fiancé, Adelynn, her daughter, and Owen, her son. Her evenings and the largest part of her heart belongs to them, of course, but she offers her days and an abundance of loving concern to any family here who needs it.

If you have considered making pre-arrangements, please give Stephanie a call. For many reasons, you’ll be thankful you did.